{ Lauren & Alex } Just Married!

You know when you meet certain people and they’re just a pleasure to be around…like their bubbly happy personalities are so infectious that the mere memory of them makes you smile??

That is my client Lauren.

Lauren and I planned this shoot without ever even hearing each other’s voices. Her and her husband were getting married in Minnesota and honeymooning in Florida.  When she first asked me about doing a honeymoon session I was like “Why has no one thought of this before!? It’s BRILLIANT!” Florida is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the country after all AND I get to celebrate love! Of COURSE I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Lauren and Alex were flipping adorable together! He makes her laugh and you can see how perfect these two are for one another. We had an interesting experience during the session when we turned around and saw this magnificent rainbow across the DARK sky and we thought for SURE it was far away enough that we had plenty of time.




Literally .2 seconds after I took a shot of them under the rainbow it started POURING. Here I am, with all my equipment, shoving my camera into my chest and covering it with a towel like it is my baby and running for cover like that kid in middle school who is about to miss the bus but his back pack is so heavy that it is weighing him down! Luckily though I made it and we took refuge until the storm passed. We ventured back out into the water for some last minute sexy pics that I know Lauren and Alex will enjoy forever! So. Much. Fun.