Pink Shell Resort | Fort Myers Beach Wedding


Everyone knows the phrase “less is more” but when it comes to weddings do people really practice it? Meet Jason and Dara who did just that and pulled off an awesome wedding in just three short months!

Insert super best friend Lindsay. Lindsay was the one to email me and set up the consultation. At first I was a little confused and taken back by this as it was something I never experienced.  Not only that but she was planning the wedding for just one month away! Most couples plan months, if not years in advance. Was this legit? Well thank goodness it was! I got the pleasure to finally meet Dara at our consult. Dara is a busy mom and spa owner and well, Lindsay is the best friend everyone wishes they had. She was Dara’s “right hand [wo]man!” Not only that but she played the role of officiant as well.

The wedding was simple yet elegant and beautiful. It was filled with the closest friends and family and all the focus was on Jason and Dara, as it should be. No frills. No fuss. Jason not only married Dara but he married her son as well and they became a family. They were originally going to marry in November but then they thought “Why wait?” Jason and Dara first met all the way back in third grade. It wasn’t until adulthood when Jason finally mustered up the guts to ask Dara out. And boy, is he glad he did.