A glimpse into my little world

Headshot credit © Heather Frank Photography

Family photo credit © Laura Loves Photography

I love to believe that photography is in my blood...not in the cliché way, I mean literally. My grandfather made his life's career as a photographer and my mom worked for him as a teen and into adulthood. When I was five and my family moved to Fort Myers she began working for another studio photographer. I grew up in these studios and in front of the camera. It wasn't until my adult life that I began to experiment with the camera in my own hands.

Steph Jones Photography was born in 2011.

While photography runs deep in my veins I am also a wife and mother of two tenacious and brilliant toddlers. Motherhood is something that has truly changed me. When my first child was born there was this "ah ha" moment of what it felt like to finally have meaning in my life. I suppose most mothers probably feel this way but motherhood not only changed me, it changed my photography, my goals, my interests, my everything. I developed a deep insatiable desire to empower women and I became obsessed with birth and breastfeeding. I could literally talk about these subjects forever and ever! I have become what some call a "lactivist" and my love of birth has led my down the path to becoming a certified Doula.

My photography isn't overly processed. My photography is real. It's raw. It's emotional. It's candid. It's fun. My aim is to capture the beauty in the chaos we call life.

Now for some fun and random facts...I am a concert junkie. I have been a diehard Hanson fan since 1997. I've seen Hanson 30+ times. I also love Metal. I enjoy playing with makeup. I am a Christian. I have 4 tattoos. I love dying my hair different colors. I drink wine on the regular. Coffee is my drug of choice. I hate politics. I have a background in American Sign Language. I am an open book. <3

xoxo Steph